"I contracted with Jennifer for a Logo design for my new business. The end result was beyond my expectations.
Jennifer was always prompt to respond to me. Very professional and wanted to work with me on a personal level. She truly cares about her product and made every effort to get me graphics that would fit all my needs. When I started this search I wanted to stay local and with someone who would keep my best interest in mind. Jennifer was all of this and more. She continues to follow me through the groundbreaking of the business and has offered many more services for web design and marketing. I can't wait to see how the website turns out. I look forward to a partnership that will last a long time with Jennifer Design. If you are looking to support a small business that provides more than big business ever could, I highly recommend her."

Michael Arace, Series 11

I needed a web design complete from scratch within a few days, plus a social media guru to straighten out my FB page and curate an Instagram account. Jennifer knew exactly what I needed and she took my information and built a beautiful website in days. She has been curating my social media for three months now and I am extremely satisfied. Frankly, I don't know when she sleeps. She is incredibly responsive and she intuits exactly how to present our material in the best possible way. She has given our organization a professional face that has had huge benefits in a short time. We are very lucky to have found her.

Ned Brooks, Donor to Donor

I have worked with Jennifer for several years. She excels at her craft, and has increased our social media engagement by leaps and bounds! Her creativity for all of our graphic needs has always surpassed our expectations. I highly recommend Jennifer for all your web and design needs!

Danielle B. 

Jennifer is amazing to work with! She is thoughtful and really wants to make me look my best. She’s also creative and up for any job!
— Lauren Kuhn, Miss Massachusetts 2014

Graphic Design Company - Jennifer Design
You will no longer need to look for other graphic design companies once you have tried the services of Jennifer Design. They are among the local graphic design studios that can get the job done without any hassle.
— Thumbtack
Jennifer Foxwell has an extraordinary range, which means one can start simple and elegant and evolve to large and magnificent - I usually steal images for my sites but she’s always found a better selection and I don’t know where. The most important aspect of a professional relationship on the web is the contact, and this where she excels. If you have your question or suggestion or addition or change .. if she can get it done right away, she will - which lets one breathe easy when changes have to happen. Highly recommended for the busy entrepreneur.
— Laurence Mckinney - General Decarboxylation, LLC (www.GeneralDecarboxylation.com)
Jennifer has been so easy to work with…and I am all over the place! :) She has been flexible, gone out of her way to “know” what we do, and has just been a delight to work with!
— Central M.
I was very pleased with the quick responses from thumbtack and I was stoked with the choice I made to hire Jennifer Design she has only made my business look as good as I feel it is I am looking forward to concentrating on the aspect as she will make it become a reality ty!
— Karen B., Mirror Style

Jennifer is very professional and great to work with on designing and promoting my website. It is still a work in progress so I am constantly making changes and she is always very accommodating. I tend to be very hands on and make little edits almost everyday and Jennifer was very generous with her time in giving me a tutorial so I can make quick changes. Not only does she manage my site but also pulls in my customer sites as additional service I should offer. Great marketing idea, I thought. She did not like my logo and designed a few concepts for me to consider.

She is the 3rd web designer I contract with since I started my business 2 years ago. I felt I was not able to explain my vision well enough to settle on a design which was appealing. Jennifer spent time at my business and spoke to me several times to understand what I needed not necessarily what I wanted. She is working on a 3rd party ecommerce feature for my customers to sell online, and idea she brought to the discussion. I appreciate her input and feedback and chat with her regularly for new marketing projects. I consider her more of a partner in the business rather than an outside vendor. She works with several of my businesses to design their marketing assets.

Cost is an important factor for small business like mine, and her fees are very reasonable compared to my previous designers. She gave me flat rate for the project but has gone above and beyond my original proposal with additional services.

I highly recommend Jennifer and I am sure you will find her as motivated and talented as I do.
— Neelima Gogumalla / Creative Chef Kitchens

"I came across Jennifer Design while looking for a graphic designer to handle the creation of a website for my small business and could not be any happier with the results. She was extremely easy to work with and really helped guide me through the process so that the end result was both elegant and professional. She was able to take all of my thoughts for my business website and translate that into reality. I doubt that anyone else would be able to bring my vision to life so accurately. Above and beyond appears to be her standard business practice and she is always pleasant to work with no matter the time of the day or day of the week. There is no doubt in my mind that my business would not be as successful as it is today without the care and attention to detail shown to my website and promotional literature created by Jennifer Design. I can not recommend her enough!"

- Christine Bell - Hope Bars, LLC


"Jennifer Design has worked with me to create a website that shows my range of work.This was my first time having a professional platform I could send people to view my current projects and achievements I have attained. Jennifer Design continues to assist me in keeping my site fresh by supplying the right direction with what I need to create and bring interest to my work."

- Debbie Curtin - Artist & Author (www.DebbieCurtin.com)

I own a garden center in New Hampshire, and Jennifer came to my rescue after many years of failed attempts to start a website. Within hours of our first conversation she had a page up on the internet that gave me instant gratification. Due to my harried schedule, Jen was willing to work with me at any hours of the day or night. She listened to what I had to say and was able to take what I said and put in into print. She was extremely accommodating, patient with my many emails and willing to go the extra mile to ensure that I was indeed happy with the final outcome. I believe that Jen and I will be working together on other projects in the years to come as she is a gem that must be treasured. Her wealth of knowledge in the workings of the internet is outstanding. Do not pass on an opportunity to work with Jennifer Designs.
— Abby - House by the side of the road (www.HouseByTheSideOfTheRoad.com)

Jennifer is professional, supportive and attentive. She was available and knowledgeable in creating websites and what it entails. So far she has gone above and beyond and is patient with my schedule and needs. I am also very happy with the quality!
— Sharon Pierce, the art spot in Quincy (www.the-artspot.com)

Jennifer Foxwell’s, “Jennifer Design”, is more than what she offers on Thumbtack! She will be your best asset at achieving ANY goal you have for your start-up business. If it wasn’t for HALF of the work she’s done with me and my company, we would of not have progressed as far as we have!

Don’t hesitate to contact her and experience working with Jennifer Design for yourself and see.

— John Rav
I continue to work with Jennifer Foxwell and I am thrilled with the work she is doing for me. I couldn’t have chosen a better match if I tried. She is the perfect choice for me and her work is fantastic!
— Bonnie, Ant Works
Jennifer was an extraordinary person to work with. We worked together on a project for several months and because of her skills, professionalism, work ethic, dedication and sheer love of her trade/service the completed design project was a huge success.
I was very impressed with her artistic abilities and look forward to working with her again in the future. Great Job Jennifer!
— Shirlene K.