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Cindy Conlin

Conlin Web Design
"Wordpress Guru"

We teamed up with NH based Cindy Conlin, of Conlin Web Design a few months ago and couldn't be happier!  Her background in raw coding (super smart person), HTML, Dreamweaver and WordPress design are a wonderful and seamless addition to Jennifer Design.  With Cindy on our team, we're now able to expand our usefulness to you even further with her expertise, enthusiasm and fresh ideas.  Plus, she's just a great person to work with, thank you Cindy! 


Dan Woods

Sales & Marketing
"Who to call"

Dan is awesome, he's the sales & marketing team leader and who you'll most likely talk to when you call.  Dan's been with us for years and I don't know what I'd do without him!  Staying on top of the best programs to reach more clients, he's what every small company needs.  Thank you Dan!


Alexandra Nagy

Logo Designer
"Vector Guru"

Alexandra is an incredibly talented and trained graphic designer based in Hungary.  We teamed up with her about a year ago and bring her in anytime we need additional ideas for your logo or branding needs.  Encompassing a different perspective, a youthful approach and the latest technology to her lovely and timeless designs.  She has a gift and we're so happy to work with her.  Thank you Alexandra! 

Anne Olasz

Payroll Management
"Payroll Guru"


We teamed up with Anne Olasz, of Payroll Management  years ago and I can't describe what an important asset she has been!  With Anne's background in payroll, she's been with Payroll Management for years and is a must have for any new business.  Even if you're a seasoned company seeking a more cost effective way to handle your payroll and workman's comp needs, instead of paying another large monthly charge, call Anne.  You may see that you could save a lot off of your bottom line.  

Workman's Compensation can often be set up as a "pay as you go" (if company qualifies).  Anne is a wonderful addition to Jennifer Design and any company that works with Anne and Payroll Management is taking a step in the right direction financially.  

We love being more than just a website design company, please utilize our services for the many seasoned associates we align ourselves with.  Anne is able to work with companies in any state so no fear, even if you're not in the area you can still benefit.  Feel free to call or email Anne anytime for more information.  Mention that you found her through us!

Email: AOlasz@payrollmgt.com
Phone:  603-204-7378

Anne Olasz

Payroll Management
"Payroll Guru"

Renee Conner

Happy Cakes by Renee
"Chef & Photographer"

Our newest addition to our team is Renee Conner, a super talented, extremely busy mom, chef and photographer.   We met Renee through Creative Chef Kitchens and I spent a lot of time drooling over the cakes she'd created as I put together Creative Chef's website.  Then, I got something to eat and looked beyond the food, I noticed what wonderful photos she had!  Well, Renee and I spoke several times and finally met, it was a no brainer to ask her to join our team and I'm so glad she did, thank you Renee!  You can see Renee's handiwork also on here latest joint venture Vivid Confections.

Email: Renee@HappyCakesByRenee.com
Phone:  603-233-0612

Renee Conner

Chef & Photographer
"Confection & Photo Guru"

Are you considering hiring Jennifer Design to create your website, social media networks, logos or any other marketing material? We're slowly growing & adding great people all the time to help serve you better.

Terry Power
SEO Agency

Greensboro, SC

I found Terry a number of years ago when I was looking for help with some of my extra work.  I don't even remember on what project it was, but I do remember being so thankful he'd been available.  What a great connection this ended up being!  I've learned a lot from Terry and we often combine our efforts, for you!  His SEO strategies are fantastic and work time and again.   He's smart, kind and really cares about small businesses just like we do.  It makes for a wonderful combination and I'm very grateful for Terry's work.  

More about Terry Power's business here:  We are a Greensboro-based company that has tailored its SEO and web marketing packages to meet the needs of small businesses and their low marketing budgets. Many small owners take their business online to save on costs and to reach a wider audience, taking a business online is an advantageous move but this advantage can only be seized when the business is visible to its target market.

Appearing on one of the top position in their local search engine result list is a good way of capturing the attention of prospective customers who are searching for information; this can only be possible through effective white hat SEO techniques.
We've mastered the right mix of inexpensive White hat SEO techniques that can help even small sized business achieve online marketing success despite their low marketing budgets. 


Render Edge Media, LLC
P.O. Box 180
Londonderry, NH 03053

Elliot Gould, founder of Render Edge Media, LLC, has over 30 years of film, video, photography, and graphic arts experience. His expertise in video and rich media includes Adobe Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere Pro, Encore, Illustrator and Audition. 

We met Elliot late 2013 and are continually impressed with his work.  We're proud to work with Elliot and Render Edge Media on different projects whenever we get the chance and look forward to utilizing his services for years to come.   

Visit:   Render Edge Media 


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