Meagan Fuller, Miss Massachusetts 2015

Visit our most recent great relationship and website built with Meagan Fuller, Miss Massachusetts 2015!  Thank you Meagan for allowing Jennifer Design to represent you with your own personal website so people can get to know you!  Meagan is such a wonderful spokesperson for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, she is going to have a great year!

Go to Meagan Fuller's website to see her video & read more about her.   Follow Meagan through this exciting journey!

Donor to Donor - Kidney Donation

Donor to Donor Celebrates First Sponsored Pairing of Patient Needing Kidney and Altruistic Donor at New York City Transplant Center!  Donor to Donor pairs a patient in need of a kidney transplant with a person who has previously donated a kidney, the donor becomes the patient’s advocate and champion in the search for a compatible donor for the patient.


Go to Donor to Donor's website to read the latest on Ned Brooks journey through his altruistic donation to a stranger & more!