It’s Official: Google Ranks Mobile-Friendly Websites Higher

As the rate of people using mobile devices to browse the Internet grows, Google has been making changes to their mobile search experience so that it better suits the needs of mobile users. On February 26th Google they took that experience to a whole new level.

In an announcement posted on Google’s official blog, Webmaster Central, Google announced that starting April 21st they will be officially considering the mobile friendliness of a website as an integral part of their ranking algorithm for mobile search results. They go on to say “This change will affect mobile searches in all languages worldwide and will have a significant impact in our search results.”

They do not specify if this will have an effect on desktop rankings, but there is widespread speculation that Google will be considering mobile-friendliness for their desktop ranking very soon, if they do not already.

You Can’t Ignore the Facts!

As illustrated in this graph by comScore, we’ve already seen the number of mobile internet users surpass the number of desktop internet users in 2014 and that trend keeps on growing!

In fact, according to recent Marketing Magazine study, 87% of consumers use their mobile devices to conduct searches at least once a day. How can anyone ignore this powerful fact?

If your website is not optimized for mobile you are missing out on a serious amount of revenue opportunities. Not only is it important to have a mobile friendly website for your Google rankings, but that’s what more than half of your customers want. If you don’t provide them with a good experience when they’re on your website using whatever device they’re using, they will simply choose another option.