Facebook Ads - Page Likes

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Facebook Ads - Page Likes

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Facebook Boosting - Page Likes

If you'd like to reach more people with your Facebook campaign then "boosting a post" is what can be done at a reasonable price.  

Facebook "Boosting / Page Likes" will boost your page, targeting people that have shown an interest in organ donation.  Your page will be in the news feeds and side bars of targeted people most likely to react to your page and like it.  

We have several prices and give an average amount of people that could see your boosted post.  The amounts are given for a Monthly Basis.  

Sample: Over 30 Days

$150 Toward a Boosted Post can mean an average between 280 - 725 People Per Day may see your ad for 30 Days.  So a possible minimum of 8,400 people could see your post in a month. 

This is only an estimate. Numbers shown are based on the average performance of ads targeted to your selected audience.

This can increase the blanket of people seeing your page, reading about your story and spreading the word for you.